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Hello, I'm Lydia

I’m Lydia and I’m a positive psychology coach and resilience facilitator trained at the University of East London.

I have been a freelancer since 2008 and have worked in a number of different industries. I’ve won awards and worked with industry-leading clients, but none of that ever made the inner nagging doubts go away. Because no matter what, I still never seemed to live up to my own expectations of how I should be running and managing my business, which didn’t only make me unhappy but also led to a state of chronic stress and burnout. It wasn’t until I learned to question those expectations and rebuild my expectations based on what really mattered to me in my life that I started to feel grounded and confident. My goal is to help my clients do the same. To help them discover and celebrate who they want to be as a freelancer. To help them find their vision and their path toward freelancing happiness.

Industry recognised & supervised

Fully qualified and insured

As a professional coach, I have liability insurance and I work under regular supervision. I am a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and adhere to their code of conduct for ethical practice.

I am also a certified SPARK Resilience facilitator and Mental Health First Aider.

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