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What would it feel like to have real confidence in yourself and your abilities as a freelancer? To let go of doubts, guilt and worries and to embrace your freelancing life with an open mind that welcomes the joys as well as the challenges of freelancing? To build a freelancing life that reflects your unique vision of inner confidence, meaning and happiness?

What do you need more of?

Coaching for...



  • Discover your natural stengths
  • Turn your inner critic into an inner mentor
  • Overcome imposter syndrome



  • Connect to what truly matters to you
  • Find your inner compass for a joyful and meaningful life
  • Prevent exhaustion and burnout



  • Develop your personal wellbeing strategies
  • Embrace your unique sources of energy and productivity
  • Work towards your dreams with more energy and optimism

Nice to meet you

Hi, I'm Lydia

As a positive psychology coach, I focus on helping my clients embrace their strengths and their human potential for growth. I am passionate about bringing together creative approaches, evidence-based practice, and an unshakeable belief in my clients’ abilities to uncover the wisdom, energy, and confidence inside of them.

I work with clients worldwide online or face-to-face in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Independent Consultant

In just one session I found energising clarity on what I needed to concentrate on to finally make progress.

Freelance Translator

Lydia’s coaching really helped me to prioritise and work towards my goals. Her friendly, non-judgemental approach made our sessions together a fun part of the week that I started to look forward to; her gentle persistence ensured that I did the work in between sessions to achieve my goals. I would recommend Lydia’s services to anyone who wants to work on their personal development with a knowledgeable, caring coach.

Independent Positive Psychology Coach & Practitioner

I highly recommend working with Lydia. She is genuine, empathetic, knowledgeable, and highly professional. Lydia’s ability to hold space, to deeply listen, and to extract the essence from messy minds is outstanding. She helped me get clarity on my goals in the different areas of my life and she helped me plan the steps that I needed to take to achieve them. Thank you, Lydia!


This was my first experience receiving coaching of any type and Lydia quickly made me feel comfortable and understood. We worked on improving my perseverance and self-discipline when working on assignments and job applications since I’m a postgrad student. Lydia’s questions encouraged introspection and reflection which really helped me make positive changes since the thoughts came from myself. I would absolutely recommend her services to anybody- in just a few sessions I felt my productivity and self-awareness improve. I’m very grateful for the experience and excited for more future growth now we’ve identified my strengths and areas I can continue to work on.